Unlocking the Blue Tick: How to Get Verified on Instagram

April 5, 2024 | by

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Instagram’s much-coveted blue verification symbol is highly esteemed in the social media sphere. It increases your visibility and credibility while also confirming the legitimacy of your account. So, how can one become a verified account member? Let’s explore the specifics of securing that elusive blue tick.

Recognizing the Blue Tick
The blue tick designates a legitimate account that is associated with a well-known person, organization, or business. Instagram uses this feature to separate legitimate accounts from fan pages or imposters. Although a blue tick doesn’t immediately affect your follower count or interaction, it does give your profile more legitimacy and may lead to new chances

Do I Qualify?
Prior to proceeding with the verification procedure, make sure your account satisfies Instagram’s requirements:

1.Authenticity: The person, company, or other entity that your account represents must be real. It ought to be the distinct existence of the thing it purports to represent.

2.Uniqueness: The person or company your account represents must only exist through your account. General interest profiles on Instagram, such as meme accounts or fan pages, will not be verified.

3.Completion: You need to have at least one post, a bio, a profile photo, and your profile to be visible to the public. Your account should also be active, with frequent interactions and content updates.

Advice on How to Be Verified
1.Create a Powerful Presence: Concentrate on producing top-notch content that appeals to your intended audience. Participate in relevant communities, communicate with your audience, and work with influencers.

2.Create Credibility: Establish your brand or yourself as an industry leader in your particular field. Through your contributions and tales, provide insightful knowledge, industry expertise, and experience.

3.Obtain Press Coverage: Having your work published in respectable journals or news sites can greatly increase the likelihood that it will be validated. Look for possibilities to collaborate with media sites or to do guest pieces or interviews.

4.Establish a relationship with Instagram: Although there isn’t a formal application procedure for verification, you can improve your chances by getting to know Instagram. Participate in their efforts, visit Instagram events, and interact with their official channels.

5.Have patience: The verification process is gradual and may require some time. Maintaining a regular presence, interacting with your audience, and establishing your credibility should be your main priorities.

Watch Out for Scams
Scams increase in number in tandem with the need for verification. Watch out for people or organizations that offer to verify you in exchange for money. Instagram doesn’t charge for verification, thus any offers like this are probably scams.


The blue tick on Instagram is proof of your honesty and dependability, not only your status. Developing your presence consistently and adhering to the prior guidelines will increase your chances of receiving this badge of distinction. Keep in mind that building genuine relationships with your audience matters more than just being verified.


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